Normally, we try to let you know exactly where the funding you provide is going in these monthly newsletters. And by some of the comments, you do appreciate what we are doing in our communities regarding speech and language issues.

This month, we thought we would try something a little different. We would like to know what you think of several things:
1) Are we going in the same direction as you in our endeavors? If not, what would you want to change?
2) Have you ever considered Harmonize For Speech as a charity that you personally want to support either through your chapter or as an individual? If not, can you give us a reason?
3) Is your chapter supporting H4S by word of mouth at your weekly meetings or by chapter contributions on a regular basis?
4) Does your chapter consistently ask us to support your chapter shows with our free poster ads on our website in the Upcoming Events section on the main page? If not, why?
5) If we could somehow bring back The Happening like we had at COTS for many years, would you participate? Would your chapter participate? If you don’t know what The Happening was, ask one of your older members who attended COTS back in the 90’s.
6) Does your chapter H4S Chairman actively look for situations in your community that could use support from H4S? Is this information then given to the chapter members? How can we help?

These are just questions that will certainly be an asset to us when the trustees meet next in October. Feel free to respond. We appreciate your feedback.

Bruce Dibble, Treasurer/Trustee