Please take the time to read the letter received from one of the students studying speech-language pathology at Western University in London, Ontario. This is one more reason we do what we do. I think you will agree that what we do has an enormous impact on many individuals.

Dear Barbershoppers,

I would like to convey to you, the Barbershoppers, my sincerest gratitude for being selected as a recipient of the Barbershoppers Awards For Preparatory Year or Masters Program. It is a truly great honour and privilege to receive this generous award. I am extremely thankful to have received this award, as it will help to reduce my financial pressures, as I work towards a Master’s of Clinical Sciences Degree (MCISc) in Speech-Language Pathology.

My passion for speech-language pathology was sparked by the sound of silence. When my soccer teammate was diagnosed with severe mutism, I assisted with the implementation of her treatment plan. As we worked together, she displayed steady improvement in all facets of her communication and social development. This experience evoked powerful feelings of personal satisfaction, and it prompted me to pursue a high school co-op placement at a preschool speech and language program. During this placement, I observed and assisted the speech-language pathologists, and I continually witnessed the profound impact of their work. The speech-language pathologists enabled the children to improve their communication skills, thereby enhancing the quality of their lives. My interest evolved into a passion, and this experience inspired me to seek a career in this field.

In pursuit of my dream to become a speech-language pathologist, I attended Brock University, attaining an undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Sciences. In the final year of my undergraduate studies, I also served as the president of the Brock University Linguistics Network. As I begin my studies at Western University, I will once again be living away from home. As with most students, the financing of my university education continues to be challenging; however, by receiving this award, I will be better able to focus on my studies.

Once again, thank you so much for your kind and generous support. I am extremely grateful and honoured to be a recipient of the Barbershoppers Award For Preparatory Year or Masters Program. By receiving this award, I will be better able to pursue the many great opportunities which lay ahead, in the field of speech and language sciences and beyond.


Rebecca Lepore