Have you ever considered how fortunate we are to be able to do the things we want to do? Most of the barbershoppers reading this will just take for granted that we can get together and sing every week just because that’s our hobby. But that has changed considerably in the last year and a half, hasn’t it. How does that make you feel?

Now think of the young boy or girl that has a severe speaking problem. Or a senior who has experienced a stroke and suffers from aphasia. Their world is a constant battle to come to grips with something that they cannot deal with alone. And yet, in many cases, that is what they are dealing with because they do not have the resources nor the finances to assist them.

We have barbershoppers and their families who consistently donate to Harmonize For Speech on a monthly or yearly basis because they believe what we are doing is important. It may be $10 or $15 per month or $100 per year. But when we see these donations coming in regularly, it makes it so much easier for us as trustees of the Harmonize For Speech Fund to assist these folks.

Since our chapters across the province have not been able to meet for such a long time, it seemed almost impossible to keep funding those who need us the most. And yet, we have not turned anyone away that deserved to have our support. We have you to thank for that.

If you have never considered making Harmonize For Speech one of the charities you would like to support either monthly or annually, could you think about that now? Your donation could make such a big difference down the road for Harmonize For Speech. Thank you.

Bruce Dibble