Dawg Haus Night

Ever since its inception in 1977, the Ontario District Charity, Harmonize For Speech (H4S) has relied on donations from chapters and individuals. The Chapter donations formed the majority of the funds H4S operated with and individual memorial and other donations made up the rest. H4S was not intended to be a fundraising organization, but rather a charity responsible for managing and distributing funds donated within the Ontario District for this purpose. In recent years, the funds donated by chapters have decreased significantly and more of the burden has shifted to the contributions of individuals; barbershoppers and supporters.

One annual barbershopper event that has consistently supported H4S since 1977 is the Kitchener / Waterloo (KW) Chapter’s annual “Dawg Haus Night”. It began as a chapter fun-night and was held by the Brantford Chapter prior to 1968. When Brantford disbanded, the KW Chapter was granted permission to use the name and held their first annual event in 1969. In 1977 when H4S was formed, the KW chapter decided to donate the proceeds from the event to H4S and has done so ever since.

I had never attended a Dawg Haus Night until this November 1st when the East York Barbershoppers (EYBS) were asked to perform as the 2019 Ontario District Chorus Champions. I was always aware of Dawg Haus Night, but had never attended. It is now permanently on my Fall calendar because of its support of H4S and because it is such a fun night!

Dawg Haus has an estimated average attendance of 300 and in recent years has been held at the Schwaben Club on King Street East in Kitchener. There are many draws, excellent food and beverages and some of the best barbershop entertainment available in Ontario District. This year, Brad Brown from the Barrie Chapter was the MC and the line-up included:

Choruses: Twin City Harmonizers, East York Barbershoppers and Toronto Northern Lights.

Quartets: Classic Chordsmen, Baker’s Dozen, Uncalled Four, PAGE 4, Boys of Summer, Moxie, Aristocrats, and Supertonic (Supertonic sold their CD and donated $5.00 to H4S from every sale).

The Board of Trustees of H4S would like to publicly thank the KW Chapter, all the performers and attendees for having so much fun while supporting H4S. The funds raised is estimated at $3,000.00. The Board of Trustees of H4S honestly believes that the continued success of H4S depends on the return to funding from chapters as in the past and challenges all other chapters to emulate the KW chapter’s efforts. Well done, gentlemen!

Submitted by Jim Finlay, H4S Trustee

H4S Chairman George Shields directing “We Sing That They Shall Speak” at Dawg Haus Night
H4S Treasurer Bruce Dibble singing at Dawg Haus Night