Harmonize For Speech and The Covid 19 Pandemic

The official charity of the Ontario District, Harmonize For Speech, continues to receive requests for funding and continues to support the need even during these difficult times. Our support of non-profit clinics and programs that provide therapy and post-secondary institutions that train professionals in the field of Communication Disorders is ongoing.

H4S has helped increase awareness of Communicative Disorders in the province and has supported the training of students over the last 40+ years. We provide scholarships, financial support for textbooks, and awards for graduates. The support provided by H4S is vital to the continued success of Ontario’s post-secondary educational institutions in providing highly qualified professionals to work with individuals with Speech and Language Disorders.

Most of the funding in the past has been from Chapter donations. Over the past 20 months or so, since early 2020 of course, chapter fundraising activities and performances as well as District Conventions, which often help to raise funds, have been nearly non-existent.

In 2019 District Chapters contributed $89,198.00 to H4S and in the first ten months of this year that number has reached only $28,523.35. This is just the reality of our current situation. H4S has always benefitted from Legacy Giving and Memorial Gifts. In the past, District Barbershoppers and their families have been very generous. We greatly appreciate these gifts and this year to-date, we have received 192 Memorial gifts in honor of 31 individual District Members and their family members. Since we need to rely on the generosity of individual members more and more now, we encourage you and your family to mention H4S when you are asked what people can do to honor a member of the District or one of their family members who has passed away. Also we encourage you to consider leaving a Legacy Gift to H4S when writing your will.

It would be very exciting if all chapters could come up with creative ways to raise funds in these difficult times. Thank you again for all your support in meeting the needs of those less fortunate and consider that when we cannot “Sing That They Shall Speak” we need to find other ways to continue this important work.

Jim Finlay, H4S Co-chairman