It was my unusual request to make a verbal Harmonize For Speech report to the Fall 2020 House Of Delegates virtual meeting. In these hectic and unforeseen times, H4S donations to the end of October was just under $30,000.00 and close to half this amount was from memorial gifts. The year 2019 comparable amount totaled $52,295.00 which shows the devastation of Covid 19 and the March/April closing of our chapters. At the same time, your Trustees have funded almost $47,000.00 so far in 2020 for worthy speech-related causes and will continue doing so, fully believing that Ontario Barbershoppers will come through in November and December! Yes, Ontario membership and active Chapters have dropped over time, but we urge the Ontario District to preserve and promote its long-standing unified service project. In 2019 Ontario District raised $89,200.00, but that figure included two ten thousand dollar bequests from the estates of two fine Barbershoppers! Your Trustees are hoping that Ontario Chapters, Barbershoppers and supporters will make these final two months successful and have set a goal of $55,000.00 for this difficult pandemic year.

This was our message to the House Of Delegates and now you have the opportunity to read my report as well via this website. NOTE: As treasurer, all donations should be mailed to the Harmonize For Speech Fund, c/o Bruce Dibble at 707-150 Dunlop St. E., Barrie, ON L4M 6H1

George Shields, CM