When, as a result of a request to the Harmonize For Speech Fund (H4S), additional funding is required to meet the request, H4S can be of further assistance.
Many applications to H4S come from entities that cannot issue charitable tax receipts. In the event that an applicant is in this position and H4S asks that additional funds be provided as a condition of its responding positively to the application, the requesting group can raise the additional funds through a donation or donations by cheque made out to the “Harmonize For Speech Fund” with a donor direction that the amount be earmarked as a funds match for the specific project.
H4S will then issue a charitable tax receipt to the donor and return the donation to the party making the request along with the H4S contribution as and when the required additional funding has been collected.
It is suggested that the applicant collect cheques sufficient to meet the additional funding requirement and to forward same to H4S as a package once the amount required has been raised.


Have you ever wondered what exactly you are supporting when you make a donation to the Harmonize For Speech Fund? The information below sums up pretty well what your funds are used for. Click on the images below to enlarge for easier reading.

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