Every March for the last 10 years or so, it has been my pleasure to present textbooks and awards to the students of the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Program, School of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Ottawa. This year’s luncheon ceremony was no exception.

For the last couple of years, our Chairman George Shields has participated and I know that he has enjoyed the time as much as the students themselves. We always organize a quartet from the Ottawa Chapter to perform and that adds greatly to the overall experience.

This year we were entertained by Tour de Four (they are competing at the District convention in London on April 7th), with Rod McKenzie as Lead, Rod McGillivray the tenor, Bass Bill Hawken and Baritone Phil Glover.

The purpose of this luncheon ceremony is to present text books gifted by the Harmonize For Speech Fund to the first year students in both programs. The University of Ottawa programs are unique in that they are the only bilingual French/English programs of their kind in Canada. There are also 4 awards for achievement presented and, until announced, are a surprise for the recipients.

The textbook gift program is in place at the University of Toronto, Western University and Georgian College as well, with books presented to first year students. At Western University, the fund sponsors entrance awards and a convocation reception. At Wilfrid Laurier, there is a Music Therapy Student award. Durham College and Georgian College are also provided with scholarships to CDA students. Laurentian University also receives scholarship funds for SLP students. Rounding out the educational support program are 4 scholarships and bursaries for Ontario students studying at out-of-province universities for appropriate graduate programs.

Tour de Four provided a program in sync with the audience and the occasion of singing about dreams and the love of another as the theme. The performance was closed with “We Sing That They Shall Speak” – that’s as it should be!

Christopher, Brand,