March of Dimes Aphasia Camp

More Than Fundraising

I had no idea that March of Dimes puts some of their funding to such good use by operating programs to support groups of people with health challenges like aphasia. Then in October George and I accepted an invitation to visit their annual aphasia camp, this time in Haliburton. With Camp Wanakita and its amazing facilities and dedicated, knowledgeable staff as their host, a large group of people with aphasia and their caregivers spent an entire weekend enjoying activities that they will long remember: hiking, laughter, yoga, drumming and kayaking to name a few.

When you find communication so difficult and so exhausting, being with people who understand your message because they shared your experience allows you to be part of the conversation with and without words. The camp also gives you an incentive to engage others in dialogue because you have something to say. Your weekend activities enriched your life and you want to tell your stories, no matter how challenging.

We often can’t see how our charitable donations impact others in such a positive way. Does helping adults who are dealing with the results of a stroke or other catastrophic illness or injury go to camp really make a difference? For many, the exorbitant cost of care leaves no room in the budget for an activity like this. Harmonize for Speech, through its support for March of Dimes makes it happen.

Will they avoid talking about all these activities later because it is too hard to get the words out? Absolutely not!

What is the value of your Harmonize For Speech donation? Priceless!

Gail Shields


The Harmonize For Speech Fund has been a truly inspirational community leader for the Speech-Language Pathology Program at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener. Since 1996, the Harmonize for Speech Fund has donated over $46,000 – that is absolutely incredible!

We are so grateful for the confidence you have in our program. The goals of the Speech-Language Pathology Program are to improve functional ability, maximize level of independence, and enhance quality of life.

Your outstanding gift will be used to purchase important tools for the Speech-Language Pathology Program and vital to help patients with their recovery. We will purchase high-tech devices like the Pockettalker and Chattervox voice amplifiers. These devices help those with hearing impairments interact and participate better in therapy.

Your gift helps us continue to provide care that meets the needs of our patients and builds on the strength of our staff. We are truly privileged to have you as a donor and please know that your gifts have touched so many lives.

Diane Wolfenden
Chair, Board of Governors