Remember when!!!! The following is a story from our chairman, George Shields, that needs to be read by everyone who knows the value of music.

Randi, your message today reminded me that very recently we had a call from the daughter of a long ago East York member – from the days when your grandfather was also in the chorus. Here’s the story….. George Gordon and his family moved to New Zealand in the 70’s. He and I kept in touch year after year until his dementia made it impossible. His daughter Julie has been visiting him regularly and brightening his day by playing music. She has included barbershop but was playing the newer modern songs she finds on you tube (the ones that appeal to her). Her phone call was to describe her most recent visit when she played the video that she found on the East York website. Her dad was non-communicative until the strains of barbershop penetrated the haze. He sat right up with a huge smile on his face and focused intently to the end. He hadn’t spoken a word in weeks but looked at Julie with recognition and real joy and said, “Now THAT’s barbershop! I wonder how George is. I haven’t heard from him in a while”. Julie was able to keep the conversation going for several minutes by asking about the songs he used to sing and the good times they had in the chorus. He could remember specific moments and even laughed a couple of times. She was absolutely thrilled to have a real connection with her dad, even if just for a few minutes. So you are right when you say “Music brings us together”. Your efforts to secure the video have paid off in ways we could not have imagined. Thank you again! And thanks too for your donation to Harmonize For Speech. Much appreciated.

With gratitude, a big hug and best wishes for the holidays.