As a registered Canadian charity, one of the most important functions of the Harmonize For Speech Fund is the provision of grants to deserving groups or individuals. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please read the Harmonize For Speech Fund’s policies and review process. If you would like to make an application for a grant, please print out, complete and mail the correct grant application form to the address on the application. See Events below for the dates of Trustees’ Meetings, which is when applications will be reviewed. If you require additional information on Harmonize For Speech Fund grants, please e-mail us at [email protected] or phone (416) 751-6456 or (705) 726-0301.

Harmonize for speech fund

The Board of Trustees in reviewing requests for funding apply various Policies and Guidelines in the decision making process before final approval is granted. In order that individual Chapters and Harmonize For Speech (Chapter) Chairmen can assist in this process, the following have been developed to enable them to advise people on whether their organization is likely to qualify for funding by the HARMONIZE FOR SPEECH FUND.


1. The principal use of funds is intended for matters related to SPEECH AND COMMUNICATION DISORDERS. The rationale for this is derived from our motto: WE SING THAT THEY SHALL SPEAK. As a consequence, we cannot be all things to all people, no matter how deserving the individual situation may be, if the primary disability is not speech related. (Although most hearing impaired people have speech difficulties, the Canadian Hearing Society is well placed to help in hearing related matters).

2. Assistance for Capital Costs for speech related equipment, educational material and library resources in Speech Clinics, Hospitals, County Schools and Treatment Centres is considered a top priority.

3. Assistance to the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists (OSLA) in the printing of brochures/posters, arranging speakers at conventions and in the promotion of events during “Speech and Hearing Month” (May).

4. Three scholarships ($1,500 each) are provided to students annually while pursuing Masters Degrees or Doctorates out-of-province. Students attending Canadian Universities are paid in Canadian funds; students attending American Universities are paid in the equivalent American funds if requested. Applications are reviewed by trustees. Proof of acceptance at a recognized University and intent to work in Ontario upon graduation are the main requisites. Use the student application form.

5. Scholarships, bursaries, awards and student aids are provided for speech pathology students at the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, University of Ottawa,  Wilfrid Laurier University, Laurentian University, Georgian College in Barrie and Durham College in Oshawa. (Amounts provided are administered by respective Faculty Members).

6. Funding is provided to enable speech impaired children to be helped at special camps, workshops and clinics on a program funding basis. Organizers are usually advised that funds will be pledged on a dollar for dollar basis up to a specific maximum amount. (This has in the past provided an incentive for them to raise funds from other sources).

7. Assessments of therapy requirements (depending on the circumstances) are occasionally funded. However, funds for salaries or fees for ongoing therapy are NOT eligible.


1. When a request for funding is received that appears to have merit and conforms within the general policy and guidelines of the HARMONIZE FOR SPEECH FUND, the person or agency is advised that they must submit a formal written application.
Organizations: Click here for Organization’s application form
Students: Click here for Student’s application form

2. The person or agency is advised that the formal written application must show the following:

  1. the name of the organization requesting funding and the date of  the application
  2. a clear and comprehensive statement of the situation
  3. a specific dollar value for each individual application (a dollar value for each multiple application)
  4. order of priority if a multiple application
  5. the date when funds would be required and date of application
  6. a budget breakdown of the amount requested should accompany your application

3. The completed application must be forwarded by mail to the Trustees as indicated below or by email to [email protected]: THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, HARMONIZE FOR SPEECH FUND, c/o Harmony Hall, 2 Gower Street, Toronto, ON M4B 1E2
4. The Board of trustees will review the request and make a final decision on the application, subject to Chapter recommendation, other commitments, priorities and availability of funds at the next trustees’ meeting.
5. Upon approval, cheques are usually sent to the Chapter closest to the agency requesting funding, for presentation purposes.

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The next trustees’ meeting is scheduled for November 29th.
All applications received will be discussed by the trustees at the next trustees’ meeting.