Have you ever wondered how Harmonize For Speech has been able to raise over five and one quarter million dollars for speech-related projects over the years? And we’ve done that with virtually no overhead  (about 3%) because we’re all volunteers, just like all the barbershoppers who support us.

The simple answer to the question above is that we’ve been able to raise needed funds because of you. Yes, it’s important that our chapters in Ontario District support us, but chapter support without individual chapter member support isn’t going to happen. The chapter members are the backbone of each and every chapter.

So ask yourself this question: What can I as an individual chapter member do to show my support for Harmonize For Speech? Here’s a couple of suggestions.

  1. Would you consider making a monthly donation to H4S? Imagine the impact if every member in Ontario gave even $10 a month to H4S. And it’s not difficult to set this up for you.
  2. When was the last time someone in your chapter took a few minutes at chapter some night to give an overview of the official Ontario District charity Harmonize For Speech? Talk to us if you’d like the trustees to help with your chapter.
  3. Has your chapter ever considered raising funds for H4S through chapter events such as an auction, BBQ, chapter sing-out, selling such things as maple syrup, etc.

We would love to hear your own ideas. Talk to us!