Your Harmonize For Speech Trustees take pleasure in paying tribute to Ontario Barbershopper Jonathan Foster. For over a decade, Jonathan, through Kraft has designated the Ontario District Harmonize For Speech Fund as his United Way charity. You'll recognize Jonathan as Public Relatiuons Chair of the 2013 International Convention held in Toronto for the first time in fifty years, the last time being 1963. He did an outstanding job and obviously realizes the importance of Ontario's unique charity for the speech disabled. He is also a prominent Harmony Rancher and "Quarteter". Many thanks, Jonathan.

We also pay tribute to a beloved bass who passed away last year. Ron Starling was renouned as a member of the Four Chorders who placed second at the 1953 International Quartet Competition held in Detroit. They performed throughout the Barbershop world. Ron was also a collector of Barbershop recordings and his widow, Helen, donated them to Harmonize For Speech and to Harmony Hall. Some of these recordings were available for a donation to H4S, while the remainder are stored in the Harmony Hall archives, along with other memorabilia of the Four Chorders. Of course, some of the photos are also at London's Harmony Manor. What a wonderful gift and we thank Helen for the tribute to her dear husband.

Whie we are paying tribute to outstanding people, we must thank our Treasurer, Bruce Dibble, for everything that he does to make the Harmonize For Speech Fund fly. Not only are there numerous monthly reports and receipts for income tax purposes, but Bruce looks after the entire website and the monthly Communiqués.It's actually a full-time position and the entire District Association of Chapters is indebted to him. On behalf of Rick Snoulten, Bruce Herdman, Keith Morley, Bob Stainton and myself, many, many thanks, Bruce!!!!

George Shields, Chairman