Q. Is the Harmonize For Speech a registered charity? A: Yes, the Ontario District Association of Chapters of SPEBSQSA (Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Singing in America), operating as the Harmonize For Speech Fund holds Federal Registration number 88923 2443 RR0002. Receipts for taxable purposes are issued to Canadians.   Q. I am a student. Can I apply for a Harmonize For Speech scholarship in more than one year? A: Yes, you can apply for a scholarship in subsequent years after you have received an initial scholarship. The same application rules must be used.   Q. How long after requesting funding will it take to process the request? A: The seven trustees meet about once each quarter to discuss the applications for funding. The dates of our meetings will be posted in this FAQ section of our web site. Urgent requests can be handled by phone, fax and/or e-mail in some instances.   Q. Can I contact someone if I have questions? A: Look at the Contact or About Us sections on the Home page. Contact will allow you direct access to one of the trustees. About us lists both trustees and chapter contacts in any of the chapters across Ontario.   Q. When is the next meeting date for the trustees to discuss outstanding requests? A: The next meeting is scheduled for November 29th.  Q. I am a student. How do I apply for a scholarship? A: Send the following documents with a letter to the address on our home page: a copy of your acceptance letter from the university; a copy of your transcript from your previous year of school; proof of Canadian citizenship; employment record. An e-mail address would also be helpful if you needed to be contacted by the trustees.   Q. Is there a limit on how much funding can be requested for a specific project? A: There is no limit on how much funding can be requested. Availability of funds will be a major factor in making a decision.