You may be interested to know that the Harmonize For  Speech Fund has supported the Aphasia Institute  (previously called the Pat Arato Aphasia Centre) since its inception in 1979.  We are proud of our association with the institute and we appreciate the letter below received in December.
Thank you for supporting the Aphasia Institute with the Harmonize For Speech donation toward our Music Fund. Your gift of $2000.00 will help support our Creative Expressions program and other services that make a direct impact on the lives of people living with aphasia and their families.
The Aphasia Institute is an internationally-recognized agency providing innovative solutions to the challenge of living with aphasia. In addition to our community programs, we play a leading role in aphasia-related training, awareness and applied research.
As a charitable organization, the Aphasia Institute relies on sponsors, donors and supporters to ensure people living with aphasia are not silenced. Your contribution helps to improve the lives of those affected by aphasia.
Your generous donation makes such a difference to many of our members. Thank you so much for your on-going and generous donation.
Aura Kagan
Executive Director.