I think that sometimes it’s important to see from both sides of the coin on reflecting how the Harmonize For Speech Fund affects both donors and recipients. This month, please take the time to read messages received from both a student we assisted and also one of the benefactors to our fund.


Hello George,

I hope you are well. As you may recall, I was the recipient of the 2016-2017 Harmonize For Speech Master of Music Therapy Award at Laurier, and we met in the Spring.
At that time, you kindly gave me your contact details, and I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have graduated with my Master of Music Therapy. As well, I have passed my board exam and now hold the designation MT-BC (Music Therapist – Board Certified). I will also hold the credential MTS (Music Therapist – Accredited: the Canadian certification), in the next week or so, once the paperwork goes through. I am now actively looking for work as a music therapist.
Thanks again for your support. The award meant so much to me personally, and was very helpful financially as well.
Very best regards,
Cheryl-Lee Campbell


Dear Janet,

Gail and I had a blast at Monday’s Dinner Celebration! The entire evening couldn’t have been improved upon and, as Chair, you must have been very proud. The dinner was excellent, the little 50th touches were unique, the entertainment left us wanting more, the Harmonize For Speech cheque for $1,000.00 was most welcome and the finale of your Grand-dad’s “We Sing That They Shall Speak  showed why The Backseat Drivers have the Ontario record of supporting their chapter (Oshawa Horseless Carriagemen) for fifty years. In fact, I believe it must be a Society record! Also, I certainly hope that the stalwarts who carried me up and down those flights of stairs, wheelchair and all, survived to sing again. I keep thinking about Clarence Burgess and how proud he would have been to be there too!



If you have a similar story you think should be told, please forward to me and I’ll feature it on one of our upcoming Communiqué’s.