Do you enjoy reading these monthly newsletters that tries to keep you up-to-date with where the funds you donate are used? We'd love to hear from you with your comments and suggestions. We promise you that we will read and address any suggestions you may have that will make our website more meaningful to our subscribers.

It may be interesting to note that over the years, our funding for certain programs has remained very consistent. Here's some of the statistics that you may not be aware of:
Clinics and Hospitals                    57%
Universities and Colleges              29%
Scholarships, bursaries, awards      7%

Each application we receive requesting funding is fully discussed by the trustees at our quarterly meetings, and the merits of such requests are followed up to see that our funds are used to the best advantage.

Here's another interesting fact. Since all the trustees of the Harmonize For Speech Fund are volunteers, we have no paid positions and our administration expenses are about 3% of donations on average. We think that is a remarkable figure that we can be proud of.

We invite you to contact any trustee by phone or email for any questions you may have about your  fund.


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